KAZA Visa for Zambia and Zimbabwe


The new 'Uni-Visa' was launched on 28 November 2014 and is available at Harare, Victoria Fall, Lusaka and Livingstone airports, the Victoria Falls road border (Zimbabwe/Zambia) and the Kazungula road border (Zimbabwe/Zambia/Botswana).

The visa - which will save time and money and will enable much easier travel between Zimbabwe and Zambia (e.g. at Victoria Falls) - will be made available to citizens for 40 eligible countries. It will also cover people who want to enter Botswana for day-trips through the Kazungula border.

It is anticipated that in the future the KAZA Visa will also be extended to the three other KAZA (Kavango/Zambezi) countries - Angola, Botswana and Zamibia.

For more information, please see www.kawavisa.info
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