KLM & Kenya Airways Special fares to the UK extended



Due to popular demand our special offers to 15 destinations to UK and Ireland are now on sale
until 07 January 2014.

Destination Fare   Destination Fare
London from ZMW 6155   Newcastle from ZMW 7275
Manchester from ZMW 6830   Leeds from ZMW 7275
Birmingham from ZMW 6830   Humberside from ZMW 7275
Glasgow from ZMW 6550   Norwich from ZMW 7275
Edinburgh from ZMW 6885   Cardiff from ZMW 7275
Dublin from ZMW 6995   Bristol from ZMW 7275
Cork from ZMW 6995   Kent from ZMW 7275
  • Fare basis - NPRZM
  • Sales period - Until 07 January  2014
  • Travel period - Until  31 March 2014
  • Change fee - USD 120
  • Minimum stay - 3 days
  • Maximum stay - 3 months

The above are all inclusive round trip fares. Conditions apply.

Booking via every Voyagers® office.

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