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Sent: Thursday, November 28, 2013 2:09 PM
To: ndolaairport // Voyagers® Zambia
Cc: Christian Ndhlovu // Voyagers® Zambia; Musadabwe Daka // Voyagers® Zambia;
Subject: Re: RA 49344/ INV 44793/ REC 35842/ MR XXXXXXXXXXXX/ WALK-IN

Thank you Mikaela,

When we arrived at the airport we my colleague realised that he left his Michelangelo hotel room key in his pocket. We had already dropped the key in the office which was locked at that stage so could not go back to take the key, so we dropped it in the key slot with the intention of arranging someone to come and collect it from you and deliver the key back to Michelangelo.

On following up now that we had returned to the office my colleague discovered that the key was already delivered back to Michelangelo.

Thank you very much, your assistance is greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,


Morning in Kafue
Morning in Kafue

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