Air Zimbabwe Aspires to Re-Surface With Airbus380 (A380)


Air Zimbabwe Aspires to Re-Surface With Airbus380 (A380) The Zimbabwean airline is trying to improve its image by introducing the A380 modern long range aircraft. According to an article in the Financial Gazette, by Shame Makoshori on June 6, 2013, AirZim is scheming to redeem itself after its fleet which grounded for over a year due to aviation concerns. The new airline would enable AirZim to restart its Harare-London flights Free, which it abandoned after creditors threatened to attach its plan due to overdue debts (
 The complete closure of the fleet in February 2012 was due to financial problems and safety concerns. Although AirZim is tight-lipped about the A380 leasing company, industry players claim the leaser of the A380 is based in France. Recently, the airline successfully re-launched the Harare-Johannesburg route.
 Shingai Taruvinga, AirZim spokesperson had this to say concerning their new direction: “Airbus is the way most airlines are going. For us it is about giving a better service because syntheses are modern aircraft. This is the way to go. We are hoping the A380 arrives before we start our international flights Free in July…” He told this to reporters at the OR Tambo international airport soon after the A380’s maiden flight to South Africa.  
 Although opinions as to whether this move will result into success or yet another flop are split across industry players and stakeholders, AirZim hopes this introduction will help them get back on their feet and regain their stance as the Zimbabwean flag carrier.

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