Emirates Special offer from 07th - 12 June 2017


Dear Trade Partner

We are pleased to offer discounted fares in Economy & Business class for flights departing from Lusaka to select destinations.

Fares are available for sale effective 07th to 12th June2017 and have been filed in the respective GDS .

Travel Period:7th June - 22th July 2017

Happy Selling !

Destination                                   Economy return from                           Business return from

Dubai                                           ZMW 5,755                                          ZMW 19,555

Mumbai                                        ZMW 5,905                                          ZMW 23,640

Hong Kong                                   ZMW 6,705                                          ZMW 29,810 

Beijing                                          ZMW 6,935                                          ZMW 32,135

Guangzhou                                   ZMW 6,935                                          ZMW 22,230

London                                          ZMW 8,500                                         ZMW 30,175

Mauritius                                       ZMW 9,840                                         ZMW 28,045

New York                                       ZMW 11,165                                       ZMW 38,765

*Kindly refer to your GDS for more special fares to select destinations.


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