KQ- Ebola and Yellow fever screen updat at JKIA ( Nairobi Airport)


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In addition to the Ebola screening, there now will be Yellow Fever Screening at JKIA. Due to the yellow fever break out in Angola, the Ministry of Health has sent the attached circulars to all airline operators. Please read them carefully and understand. In brief:-

i)                    All non Kenyan guests arriving from the countries in the attached list without a valid yellow fever certificate will be denied entry into Kenya and deported back.

ii)                   Kenyans arriving without valid yellow fever certificates, will be isolated, samples taken for laboratory investigations. If the results are negative, they will be vaccinated and released. If the results are positive, they will be referred to Kenyatta National Hospital.

NOTE: Valid means there are no alterations on the yellow fever certificate and it was issued 10 days before the date of travel.

iii)                 Also note that if a guest comes from a non endemic area, transits an endemic area for more than 12hrs before coming to Nairobi, the guest must have a valid yellow fever certificate. Below is an example.

CDG – ACC (transit >12hrs) ACC – NBO                               Guest must have valid yellow fever certificate

CDG – ACC (transit <12hrs) ACC – NBO                               Guest not required to have a yellow fever certificate

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