KQ- Excess Baggage- for trader routes- CAN/HKG/BKK/DXB/BOM – LUN/NLA & LVI


Good News!!!!!!! Good News!!!!!! Good News!!!!!!!


Kenya airways is pleased to inform you that with immediate effect we have reduced the excess baggage rates for all Trader routes.

This promotion runs from 01st March 2017 – 30th June 2017.


Rules & Conditions:

Issuance office                                :          KQ Offices LUN/NLA/& LVI

Valid for the routes                       :           CAN/HKG/BKK/DXB/BOM – LUN/NLA & LVI

Rate & Max weight                        :           US$150.00 per piece 32kgs

Refunds:                                           :           Non Refundable for Cash but can be

                                                                     re-issued for another EMD for future use.

Indemnity Forms                            :           To be issued incase when transported on

                                                                     standby basis.

Blackout Dates                                :           Promo not applicable during Trade fair

                                                                     dates in CAN

Surcharge (HKG)                            :           Surcharge of US$20.00 per bag to apply                                                                                                                                          for more than 5 pieces and

  handling to be done by an appointed agent    

  at the cargo terminal                                                                 




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