SAA- Domestic routes check in counter closes 40 minutes before BOARDING


          South African Airways (SAA) has announced that flights on domestic routes

          from Johannesburg will be closing check-in gates 10 minutes earlier than usual,

         come 1 April 2016.

          Previously SAA closed all domestic flights for check-in 30 minutes before boarding,

          but  this has now been changed to 40 minutes before departure for all SAA’s domestic

         flights on departures only from Johannesburg to Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth

          and East London.

          “The reason for closing flights earlier is to allow the airline to conclude all departure   

           procedures timeously especially those relating to baggage, so that our customers may

           not be inconvenienced by possibly travelling with their baggage left behind,” SAA

           Spokesperson Tlali Tlali says.

           Tlali says "a significant number of short shipment cases on SAA domestic sectors

          emanate from late check-in and we trust that the new measures will go a long way in

          addressing the situation".  

           This comes after British Airways on 10 February, also announced that all domestic

           and regional British Airways flights operated by Comair will close 45 minutes prior to

          departure as opposed to the previous closing time of 30 minutes, effective 1 March

           SAA says the change for their earlier check-in close only applies to departures to other

          domestic stations within South Africa from Johannesburg only and will not affect  

           minimum connecting time. Flights will close sooner but would not have an impact on

           current boarding times which will not be changed at all.

           The airline recommends that travel agents alert clients to check what time their

           flights close, as this might be earlier


           We thank you for your continued support

      South African Airways

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