Training, Training, Training


Training, Training, Training

Voyagers®  recently started a training initiative for all their staff, in all areas. At the moment, seven staff members are in Kitwe for a Travelport - Galileo training.

Galileo is our main working tool; it is a worldwide operating system to book seats on flights for more than 300 airlines all over the world as well as issuing related tickets, therefore solid knowledge of that system is a key driver for efficiency on one hand and customer service on the other hand.

The picture shows (from left to the right) Fehmie Malik, Soumi Gosh, Thelma Mwiche, Beatrice Mwale, Angele Ntema, Dama Ngoma (Travelport Trainer), Bwembya Chomba and Geraldine Bangwe. Thank you all for your efforts!

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