Mauritius Travel Protocol Updates


As per Port Health - Children under the age of 12 do not need the PCR Tests anymore, to enter South Africa.

Children above the age of 12 and passengers who are not vaccinated may be accepted with a Negative PCR not older than 72hrs or a Negative Antigen test not older than 48hrs.

For Protocols to enter Mauritius, please ensure that you access Mauritius Now - Enjoy a holiday in Mauritius!

VACCINATION -Certificate with QR Code now required upon departure to Mauritius and Returning to SA

The Port Health Manager mentioned that all passengers are required to have the vaccination certificates with a QR Code visible for verification. The passengers who arrive with the manual-issued vaccination cards will be requested to take Antigen tests on arrival as they are not being recognized by Port Health.

Without the QR Code, the Vaccination cards have no way of being verified as being authentic.

When accepting passengers to travel, passengers are advised to download the digital certificates as they have a QR code, manual issued SA cards may not be accepted as the passengers face challenges as well on departure and return. At this stage passengers are not being refused travel, however, they must be advised of the Antigen test on arrival at their own cost.