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Kasanka Bat Migration

Kasanka Bat Migration

They're coming in their millions... Are you ready?

Between October and December each year, about 10 million straw-coloured fruit bats descend into a tiny patch of evergreen swamp forest inside Kasanka National Park, Northern Zambia. This natural phenomenon is unique only to Kasanka and lends itself to some truly astonishing birdlife sightings.

The driving distance to Kasanka National Park from Lusaka is 520 kilometres and takes approximately 8 and a half hours; an early start in the morning and you should be there before sunset on the same day. Voyagers Rentals Limited (www.europcarzambia.com) can provide you with either a 4x4 car to hire or you can book a private chauffeur and enjoy the ride.

You can also travel to Kasanka National Park by air – there are set scheduled flights from Lusaka or there is the option of combining it with a Luangwa trip.

More about Kasanka National Park:

Kasanka National Park has beautiful wilderness of woodland, plains, lakes, rivers and swamps in the north of Zambia. As well as its attraction for visitors, it forms a valuable protected area for many endangered species.

Kasanka National Park is managed through a public-private partnership between the Kasanka Trust and DNPW (Department of National Parks and Wildlife). It is a valuable conservation area with diverse flora and fauna, including many endangered species and exceptional birdlife.

A safari in Kasanka National Park gives you the opportunity to witness the annual bat migration, which is a truly astonishing sight. Between October and December, 10 million straw-coloured bats colour the sky as they descend into Kasanka National Park in what is the largest mammal migration on the planet. Bats aren’t the only animals you’ll see in this picturesque sanctuary; there are over 100 mammal species recorded in the park, many of which have been reintroduced by the Kasanka Trust.

Highlights of Kasanka National Park:

  • Sunrise and sunset viewings
  • Enjoy viewings of the bats leaving and returning to the Bat Forest
  • Make use of our amazing treetop hides from private locations in the Bat Forest
  • Game drives and birding
  • Combine bat viewing with sightings of sitatunga, blue monkey, puku, elephant and many more

Accommodation during the bat migration

Wasa Lodge

Your stay at Wasa Lodge will allow you to experience the heart of Kasanka National Park. The beautiful chalets overlooking the lake, the welcoming staff and tranquil surrounds will put you at ease so that you can enjoy the safari of a lifetime.

Luwombwa Lodge

If you are an intrepid explorer, Luwombwa Lodge is the place for you. Situated on the banks of the Luwombwa River, these chalets are tucked away offering a private stay with a focus on adventure and exploration.

During the bat Migration between October and early December accommodation is in great demand – contact DMC@voyagerszambia.com to book this amazing experience.  Prices on request depending on your mode of transport and your type of accommodation.

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