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Voyagers® - Travel Management Services (TMC)

Travel Management Services (TMC)

Voyagers Zambia offers proficient support when you need it. Our team of experts ensures that clients have peace of mind as they travel by offering them 24/7 support through the after-hours services. Our support further extends to other sections of travel which includes travel insurance, car rental, vehicle recovery (in case of a breakdown), re-issues/refunds, excess baggage and so much more. Therefore, Voyagers ensures that you have a smooth travel experience backed by experts and innovative travel technology. We are a travel partner that will facilitate all your connections between airports and transfers to hotels/lodges when you land at your destination.

The following are some of our travel management services:

Emergency After-hours Assistance

The after-hours team at Voyagers Zambia uses modern technology to ensure that we support our clients and provide the required assistance in a timely manner. Equipped with the latest computers, uninterrupted power supply, secure network connection as well as modern management information systems, Voyagers Zambia is available 24/7 to serve you and make your travel experience better.

For emergencies call: +260 965 870 659

Excess baggage
Car Rentals

We understand that sometimes you need to take something with you on the plane that isn’t a standard suitcase. From moving to a new country to changing schools, we help to make the arrangements to get that trunk, extra bag, marketing materials, sales props, and sporting equipment to wherever it needs to go.

Travel Insurance

One of the key ways to mitigate travel risks is through the purchase of travel insurance. Voyagers Zambia offers ‘plain vanilla’ travel insurance to cover most customers’ requirements. For a comprehensive business-specific approach to travel insurance, an introduction can be made to AIB (https://www.afinbro.com/); our sister company which is a licensed insurance broker.

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Air Charters

We have grown with the aviation industry in Zambia and air charters are an important segment offering maximum flexibility and choice to you. We have strong relationships with all the major charter companies in Zambia and we would be delighted to find the right aircraft for your journey.

Travel Technology

Travel booking has now been made easy with our innovative flexible technology. This brings several benefits including the corporate self-booking tool that allows you to have all the choices you would expect from the Internet as well as our proprietary negotiated rates, therefore allowing you to make your travel bookings at anytime from anywhere you choose. Voyagers Zambia has all the benefits of the Internet with a lot less uncertainty as well as the option of picking up the phone when the need arises. Voyagers is committed to being there to guide and assist you every step of the way!

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Key Accounts Management / Professional advice

Travel management is an art! But one you shouldn’t have to practice so leave this to our experts, and we will ensure that you and your business get the best value for money. We can help to develop a travel policy that delivers risk management, cost savings, and environmental accountability. Talk to us to develop a program that eliminates increasing costs and maximises the rewards of business travel.

As part of our key account management program, we offer travel statistics which give insight into travel purchases, policy adherence, and savings accessed. These numbers form the basis of evidence-driven spending management which is essential in making the right decisions and managing travel spending.


If there is a change of mind, change of plan, cancellation, or postponement – we can re-issue and refund your travel reservations within airline rules and minimise costs whilst protecting your interests. Our qualified and experienced team is capable of managing a true multi-currency environment.

Great local and international supplier network (Airlines, Hotels, and Lodges)

With 35 years in the travel industry, Voyagers Zambia has created partnerships with top local and international airlines, hotels, and lodges. This allows for us to offer high-quality services at affordable rates; further allowing our clients to minimise travel costs.

Roadside Assistance Services
Roadside Assistance Services

Our roadside assistance services are offered through RA. We are strategically located in key areas around Zambia including Kitwe, Ndola, Solwezi, Lusaka and Livingstone. Roadside Assistance offers the following:

Standard Membership

  • 3 service calls per year
  • Call outs within a 35 km radius of Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe, Solwezi or Livingstone
  • Includes flat tyre change, emergency fuel service or jump starting

National Membership

  • 3 service calls per year
  • Call outs within a 100 km radius of Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe, Solwezi or Livingstone
  • Includes flat tyre change, emergency fuel service or jump starting
  • Replacement saloon vehicle for 24 hours with 100 km free mileage

If you have 5 or more vehicles, contact us for a discount.

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We are the only Zambian travel management company with offices in 6 key locations within Zambia; strategically located in Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe, Chingola, Livingstone, and Solwezi.

Our sister company, Voyagers Rentals (Europcar Zambia), is present at all the major airports in Zambia.

Therefore, we are able to efficiently assist clients through the meet-and-greet services, hand over their hired vehicles, or transfer them to their booked hotel. Our presence in these locations makes us a reliable travel partner ready to assist you and meet all of your travelling needs!

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