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Voyagers® - Travel Technology

Travel Management and Booking Technology for ITC, DMC and Corporate Users

Voyagers is your travel technology partner when it comes to advanced booking tools.

Our suite of technology products, together with our wide range of supplier-related financial links, enables travel booking and management at a level unsurpassed in the Zambian environment. Instant click-to-book functionality and simple payment options provide comprehensive price comparisons and direct price secure solutions. Immediate availability offers the best fares and hotel rates through various airline systems on any device at any time, as long as you have a network connection.

Our collection comprises of web-enabled platforms tailored to your needs. A unique bundle is built according to your business’ specific policies and procurement requirements. Implementation is performed by our expert technology team ensuring fast, convenient, and efficient onboarding.

The platforms are simple to use, yet they also achieve complex workflows and cost-saving processes through intelligent automation. Platform security and data privacy are at the forefront. Data is stored securely and confidentially using various advanced security processes. Extensive consultant profile management limits activity permitted through policy, access, and roles on the platform. This control ensures that only authorised consultants may perform reservations within your policy and procurement settings, and that your client data is visible only to authorised individuals.

For consumers and small businesses, we offer a tailored solution that is Voyagers Orange. This tool enables the best of online choice, low cost per booking and 24 hour access whilst having the backup of a full service corporate travel agency.

Our corporate self-booking tool provides an innovative way to buy offline and online products for corporates, whilst incorporating travel policies and approval flows. Too often corporate travel buying is ‘penny wise pound foolish’ saving minimal amounts on booking fees and losing sight of the potential savings of a well-managed travel policy that leverages travel purchasing power and information.

Our wholesale booking platform is linked to multiple GDS’ and hotel systems as well as airline NDC products. These also incorporate Voyagers’ own allocations and private fare inventory enabling access to everything an ITC, travel booker or tour designer would need to create world-class experiences for clients. The platform and client-related documentation is fully customisable to match your brand identity and specific needs.

Our inventory system for travel product sellers, Voyagers offers a way of marketing that is unmatched in Zambia. Use one or more of our systems to load and have your products online and to have your products incorporated into a wide variety of packages. This enables offline products to be loaded and distributed online. This is done by giving Voyagers an allocation and your product can be sold directly to consumers and tour operators.

Voyagers will enable ITCs and tour operator customers to book your products online. Contact us today!

We’d love to help find the right booking technology and tools for you and your business.


Voyagers Orange:

Voyagers® orange Voayagers orange

Voyagers® - orange - Travel Technology
Voyagers® - orange - Travel Technology

Our B2C self-booking tool is called Voyagers Orange. This tool allows customers to book their trips at any time and from anywhere without any hassle, whilst also benefiting from the backup of the Voyagers physical offices and easy availability. We have all heard the horror stories of hours spent online waiting for airlines or online travel agencies to answer the phone; Voyagers offers the benefits of an online platform with the easy and convenient option to pick up the phone, email or pop into one of our offices located all around Zambia. We have offices in Solwezi, Chingola, Kitwe, Ndola, Lusaka and Livingstone.

Voyagers® - orange - Travel Technology
Voyagers® - orange - Travel Technology
Voyagers® - orange - Travel Technology
Voyagers® - orange - Travel Technology

Signing up for Voyagers Orange is free and booking costs are transparent and amongst the lowest in the industry. All of this is backed up by highly experienced travel consultants. Please contact us today to open an account


Voyagers Corporate Self-Booking Tool:

Corporate travel management can be complex: multiple suppliers, varying data sets, user preferences, cost centres, travel policies, corporate policies, employee safety issues and, of course, cost. Too often corporate travel buying focuses on booking fees which frequently constitutes a rounding error on overall travel spend. Voyagers offers fare and fee transparency through our online fare comparison and cost-saving reporting provided through the platform.

save time and money


time & money

save time and money


and device any time

save time and money


Support 24 / 7 / 365

  • Guaranteed cost savings
  • Instant implementation
  • Enjoy the easy online booking process
  • Control travel budget
  • Optimize Budget Planning
  • Manage travel procurement processes
  • Select options within travel policy
  • Improve duty of care

Intelligent Flexible Technology

Connects to:

Multiple GDS systems

All major online hotel agents

largest online supplier network

Voyagers negotiated products

Intelligent Flexible Technology

Travel booking
made easy

The real savings in corporate travel are derived from a strong and intelligently developed travel policy that implements rules to protect the client from behaviours that drive costs up, to encourage adherence and to ensure that travel spend is leveraged to provide positive outcomes. Our corporate self-booking tool was created to make the complicated travel process for business travellers simpler, allowing organisations to concentrate on their core business. This tool provides an automated travel management procedure that is simple and optimised, from the initial search to the completed reservation. By capturing trip purposes and cost centres as well as adhering to internal policies, effective management reporting can be maintained, supplier data collected, and commercial arrangements negotiated on behalf of our customers.

Often the delay between quotation and finalisation leads to fare increases and additional approval communication. The platform provides customised automated approval workflows. Instant feedback may be provided from any device, through a travel approval request email containing an instant approve or decline button. Approval time limits restrict the waiting time for authorisation and allows a chain of approvers to be added. Pre-loaded selectable cost centres and fully customisable booking remarks are available to ensure that required back-office data, such as purchase orders, are entered for approval requests to be generated. This allows for simple and efficient reconciliation.

As a corporate operating in Zambia, you will have had to build elements of your own travel infrastructure, such as guest houses, charter flights, buses, etc. Organising this is time consuming and often reduces the productivity of the HR and other departments. Voyagers offers the ability to load your own travel infrastructure onto the system which enables bookers and individuals across the company to book in line with your travel policy. This system automates the communications with your guest house or aviation team with traveller name, times, dates, cost centre, departments and other data which improves productivity and accuracy cutting down communications and time wasted.

Set Travel Restrictions:

Type of services, Suppliers, budgets, dates, type of flights, depature cities, destinations, flight classes Suppliers, days between departure and return, flight duration, low cost carriers, hotel star rating, hotels by cancellation policies.

Simple Approval Flow:

Add approval profiles and multi-level approval flows. One click-email approval

Financial Automation:

Define Cost Centers & reason for trip for resource allocation. Remark configuration for enjoy comprehensive online reporting.

Set Travel Restrictions

Contact us today for a demonstration of our corporate self-booking tool and see how you can begin making substantial savings, productivity gains and reduce the time spent managing travel.


Voyagers Internet Booking Engine:

Voyagers has a selling platform where we are the reseller. This platform is perfect for safari bookers and ITCs as it provides easy usability, transparency, price comparison and one-click bookings. This platform also provides simple search abilities as well as giving unique search results, saving you time and costs. Through this advanced technology and the most recent content from the agreed-upon suppliers, you will be able to expand your business and gain a significant edge over your competitors in the market.

For tour operators, we provide a one-stop-shop where the building blocks of a safari can be booked – transfers, meet and greet, Lusaka hotels, and much more. By booking all of this through Voyagers, you will avoid the multiplicity of bank transfers, therefore increasing your margin and improving productivity.

Voyagers Product Distribution Solution:

Are you a lodge or camp, ITC or tour designer looking to automate and simplify your distribution and processes?

Voyagers offers channels to distribute your content through. Our product distribution solution tool enables you to bring your product to market. Voyagers facilitates the distribution of your product through the internet, our DMC and our ITC and tour operator partners. By providing us an allocation, we allow you to benefit from click-to-book functionality and access to a variety of distribution channels.

E-mail us today to setup up a meeting to discuss a new way forwards.


  • We have offices all around Zambia: Lusaka, Lusaka Airport, Ndola, Ndola Airport, Solwezi, Solwezi Airport, Chingola, Kitwe and Livingstone.
  • We have years of experience marketing inbound tours.
  • We have a history of dealing with large corporate accounts and DMC operations all combined with technology that makes us a natural partner in your travel voyage.
  • We have the ability to reduce your bank transfer costs and therefore increasing your margin and improving productivity.
  • We offer the simplicity of advanced technology that allows you to book from anywhere at any time.

Benefits of our booking technology

  • Simple booking process – the system is set up in a way that’s easy to navigate and a quick process to book through. No GDS training is required to obtain instant fare comparisons from multiple suppliers.
  • Advanced technology – we keep up to date with the latest technology trends to ensure the booking process goes smoothly for you.
  • Various payment options – use your credit card, debit card or internet banking to make payments.
  • Book at anytime from anywhere – the system is online so it’s accessible as long as you have an internet connection.
  • It is a time-saving process – the system is automated so there’s no need to wait for human interaction to book.
  • Your private information is more secure – online booking systems rely on highly protected servers to safeguard your information.
  • Easy user experience – our booking technology is straightforward and simple to use, whether you are a safari booker or a direct customer.
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