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Bon Voyage from Voyagers (May 1999)

May 17-23, 1999

Bon Voyage from Voyagers

'BON VOYAGE', is a term synonymous with travel. The choice of 'Voyagers' as the name of a travel and tours company therefore meets the expectations of the travelling public. With this in mind, Marion Gatchell in 1987 decided to establish a company that would handle travel and tours. With experience dating back to the early seven- ties, she had no problem in attracting her first customers.

Assistance of an extra hand helped established Voyagers in Ndola. Overcoming the initial business blues, the company quickly established itself on the market and attracted a good clientele.

Realising the importance of presence in Lusaka, Marion opened another office in 1994 and that office has since grown in leaps and bounds. In 1995, she established a sister company to deal in car hire under the name Voyagers Rentals Limited. Offices were opened at both Ndola and Lusaka airports, strategic points for this type of business. And the company acquired the franchise of South Africa's Imperial Car Rentals. Marion's next target was the Kitwe-based clients. The company opened a new branch in Kitwe in 1996.

Later it spread its wings to Chingola. The Kitwe branch was opened in partnership with Mrs Val Broome. Voyagers, now fully established, provides employment to 30 people. Its services have been recognised in the travel industry and the company has over the years been scooping various prizes. Last year Voyagers had outstanding performances and won prizes from British Airways. The company received the first prize for Ndola office, second prize for the Lusaka office and third prize for Kitwe office. These prizes are given for outstanding ticket sales.

Voyager Rentals Limited has experienced rapid expansion. The company that started with five cars now has 50, with 10 based in Lusaka and the rest on the Copperbelt. The number is likely to increase due to rising demand. The road for providing good services to the customers does not end there. Voyagers is now in the process of providing fully automated services with modern ticketing machines to quicken the pace of issuing tickets.

The death of financially sound and professionally run domestic airlines has been a hindrance to the expansion of the tourist industry in Zambia and has had a severe effect on travel agencies.

However, despite the difficulties being faced, Voyagers is convinced that business is bound to boom, especially with the sale of the mines. The sale will see a flow of investors particularly on the Copperbelt and this will lead to an increase in business.

So next time you think of travelling, use Voyagers and it will be BON VOYAGE!

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