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The Grove

What Happens at The Grove?

Where is The Grove?

We are located right next door to Ciêla Resort on Ngwerere Rd in Lusaka

A bit more about The Grove...

We are completely off the grid and solely rely on solar power to run our offices at The Grove. The Voyagers Group is passionately committed to shaping a more sustainable future. Through innovative initiatives and unwavering dedication, we work tirelessly to address environmental challenges, promote responsible practices, and inspire positive change in our world.

Car Rental & Transfers

Our amazing Europcar Zambia team at The Grove ensure that the car rental and transfer process runs smoothly. The Grove stores over 50 of our rental and transfer vehicles, including our newest addition: camper vans.

Our Services:

  • Short-term & Long-term Rental
  • Airport Transfers
  • Chauffeur Services
  • Vehicle Leasing

Contact our Central Reservations team on:res@vrzam.com or +260 212 627 800

VRZAM.COM Online Distribution

VRZAM.COM’s warehouse is based at The Grove. Currently, VRZAM.COM provides online distribution of auto spares from canopies to suspension kits to air filters. We offer nationwide delivery right to your door. All you have to do is visit www.vrzam.com and start shopping today!

Visit www.vrzam.com or call Paul on +260 76 992 0770 (Lusaka & surrounds) or Cholwe on +260 97 493 9101 (Copperbelt & surrounds)

Roadside Assistance

Breaking down may be a frightening and stressful experience, especially if it happens in a hazardous location such as on a main road at night. RA membership gives you peace of mind knowing that if a breakdown occurs, assistance will be on the way and you won't be left stranded. One of our RA stations is at The Grove where we store our recovery vehicles in Lusaka.

Voyagers: Your Travel Partner

Our recently opened Voyagers Zambia office at The Grove has allowed for us to expand our travel office locations. A few of our travel consultants have moved from our town office on Lagos Rd and joined the team near the airport.

Contact our travel team on: holidays@voyagerszambia.com or +260 212 627 800

The Grove Workshop

We maintain and service our own rental/transfer vehicles on the property. We have owned all of our vehicles since they were brand new and we have the full service history for all of them. Our team of highly qualified mechanics ensure that our vehicles are safe to drive so you don’t have to stress getting to your destination!

Our workshop at The Grove also allows for our VRZAM.COM mechanics to fit your auto spares for you. We provide the full package!

The Grove Wash Bay

The wash bay at The Grove is a cutting-edge facility dedicated to environmentally responsible practices and water conservation. This innovative space is designed to efficiently clean vehicles and equipment while minimising water waste.

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