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Voyagers Snake Awareness Training Day Outdoor

Voyagers® Brings Snake Awareness to Our Staff

At Voyagers® we believe in protecting the land around us and preserving the natural bush around our offices. Our Voyagers® Rentals Limited (Europcar Zambia) office at The Grove in Lusaka is located near the airport which is less urbanised than Lusaka city. We aim to look after the natural area by our offices which is surrounded by beautiful trees and indigenous bush. With this comes a fair share of wildlife, including snakes.

Snake Awareness Training Day

We are aware that snakes can be dangerous and our staff can get harmed, but some snakes are harmless and we want to make our staff aware of the difference. Whether the snakes are venomous or not, we believe in catching them and releasing them elsewhere, rather than killing them. This knowledge has been important for us to share with our staff and so we had a Snake Awareness Training Day at our offices.

Our wonderful friends Paul Lloyd and Daymon Brome from Snakes Alive Zambia brought a few snakes to our offices to educate our staff about the different types of snakes as well as to demonstrate how to catch them without harming yourself or the snake. Our staff felt extremely knowledgeable after the training day and they feel more confident in their response to finding a snake on the premises. This informative day proved that education can save lives and we will continue to save our snakes and relocate them.

Click here to read our Facebook post about our Snake Awareness Training Day.

Our Most Recent Catch and Release

Our first snake of the season at the Voyagers® Rentals Limited (Europcar Zambia) offices at The Grove in Lusaka was a Dwarf Sand Snake. These snakes average around 25-30 cm in length but can reach a maximum of 50 cm. Dwarf Sand Snakes are speedy little things! They are active during the day and if they are spooked, they are quick to dart off and then freeze. These snakes rarely try to bite when handled and their venom is very mild and has no real effect on humans.

Snakes Alive Zambia came and caught the snake for us. They continue to provide quick service and handle the snakes with care when catching and relocating them. Before relocation of this striped beauty, the Snakes Alive Zambia staff took it to perform a snake safety demonstration and then let it go in the bush. Another successful catch and release!

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