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The Luangwa Explorer

Area description

South Luangwa National Park is the highlight of eastern Zambia. Known to locals as simply 'the South Park,' it was initially founded as the Luangwa Game Park in 1904, and converted to one of three game reserves in 1938. The impressive park covers an area of about 9050 square kilometers of the Luangwa Valley floor, and lies anywhere from 500 meter to 800 meter above sea level. With its western and northwestern edge bounded by the Muchinga Escarpment, and the southern border lined with the meandering Luangwa River, there's no shortage of dramatic and fascinating topography in this stunning game-rich park.

Hotel description

South Luangwa National Park has a wide range of accommodation options. You could choose an incredible, remote tented camp with outdoor showers, open-air facilities, and up-close and personal game interactions. Or you might prefer a luxurious lodge with a deep bath tub, formal dining room, and exquisite plunge pools. You might have some trouble choosing between all these amazing destinations, but keep this in mind: stunning views, excellent bush cuisine, and warm hospitality are the standard at all South Luangwa National Park lodges.

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